Samsung Clear View deksel

Varenummer: 1121853 / Produktnr.: EF-ZG973CGEGWW

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Samsung Clear View Cover

Easy Control with dedicated UX

This dedicated Clear View UX allows Answer/Reject calls, Get massage notification. You can even enjoy music playback without open the cover. The wider Clear View UX provides more intuitive usability.

Slim case with good grip

S10 series Clear View Cover is thinner and lighter, still providing a great grip. And, the patterned front screen prevent diffused reflection.

Front and back protection

This case coveres the whole phone provideing your phone all-round protection.  It is slim, but will protect your cell phone from bumping and shocking.

Farge Grønn
Type Beskyttende deksel
Anbefalt bruk For mobiltelefon
Cover Type Lommebok
Open Type Side
Informasjon om kompatibilitet
Designet for Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 (Unlocked), S10 Enterprise Edition