Cooler Master MP860 Gaming Musematte

Varenummer: 1122588 / Produktnr.: MPA-MP860-OSA-N1

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Cooler Master MP860 Gaming Mousepad

Be On the Winning Side

Adapt to all of gaming's unique situations with the MP860. Choose the low-friction cloth side for quick actions and maneuvers, or go with the smooth aluminum side for precise control and high accuracy. Show off your personality with smooth RGB illumination around the borders and easily customize the color and lighting modes with software. Sturdy and versatile, the MP860 gives you a major competitive edgeg when it matters most.


  • Two Textured Surfaces
  • Smooth RGB Illumination
  • Software Customization
  • Easy Synchronization

Two Textured Surfaces

Low-friction cloth for speed, and smooth aluminum for control.

Effortless Synchronization

Sync up your Cooler Master peripherals and light up your PC with a beautiful rainbow of colors.

Smooth RGB Illumination

Nineteen LEDs around the borders for smooth animations and transition free of skipping or glitches.

Garanti (måneder) 24
Produkttype Belyst musunderlag
Produktmateriale Plastikk, gummi, eloksert aluminium, tøy
Bredde 36 cm
Dybde 26 cm
Høyde 1 cm
Vekt 810 g
Fraktdimensjoner (VxDxH) / Vekt 1.25 kg
Farge Svart
Egenskaper USB-strømforsyning, kabel (1.2 m), 16,7 millioner RGB LED-lys